Discover the testimony of Thomas who did  a EVS in Russia:


Can you present yourself and tell us where you are from ? 


My name is Thomas and I’m from France

What did you do befre your EVS  ?


I finished my studies and started working. Having no particular ties, I wanted to live abroad for a while. That's why I went to EVS.

Why Did you choose Russia ?  


I didn’t really choose Russia. I wanted to go in Eastern Europe, no clear idea of the country. This project in Russia was the first concrete contact and the first project that accepted my application. The project was interesting, so I left to do my EVS there.

What are your missions in your hosting organization ? What do you learn there ? 


I did my EVS in a high school. My mission was mostly to assist language teachers, but also to offer out of school activities for students. It was my first contact with the school as a teacher. This gave me my first teacher experience.

Does this EVS helps you for your future? 


After my EVS I stayed in Russia, where I continued to work in education. In the end I stayed for three and a half years working as a teacher. I even built my self-company to be able to work independently in the field. Today I can say clearly that yes, that EVS opened doors for me and given ideas.

Would you recommand EVS.? And if yes, why ? 


Of course I recommend EVS. It’s simply a lifetime experience. It's something to go abroad with friends for the holidays. It's another thing to spend part of his life to be "working" to learn the language and codes. Probably as Erasmus exchange student (I have not had the opportunity to do), EVS provides an opportunity to actually live abroad, and it’s easy

What is your futur project for the futur?