Who Are we ?  


Génération Monde is a non profit organization formed with the aim to promote, organize and propose international mobility projects.

The organization is accredited to send Volunteer through the European Voluntary Service (EVS)


The EVS allows the young between 17 and 30 years old to go abroad and have an experience in a non profit organization and discover another culture.


The youth can develop with these projects linguistic skills but also professional experience. These international experiences are very important at the time. You can find more information on the EVS page of this website.

As president of the association Generation Monde, I can only encourage the participation in European Voluntary Service.


Indeed, I had the chance to participate myself in this program in Russia for a period of 6 months. I did my EVS in an organization that promoted international exchanges around the city of Kirov. This has been a very good experience from a personal point of view. This allowed me to have the chance to experience a new culture but also to develop many skills that are now needed on the job market.


What I like above all to the EVS is that it is open to all without distinction. It provides international mobility opportunities for young people from all backgrounds without any financial compensation. The frame around the project allows you to be in the best conditions to integrate yourself fully in a new culture.


Génération Monde now wants to help other young people interested in European voluntary service by offering our help and experience. You can meet us at Nice or Montpellier so we can discuss your project and find a solution for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Camille Paulhan

Président Génération Monde  

Katia, 27  



It is not just being a foreigner and try to speak the language, it is also a great story of self-identification as a part of a particular culture and nation, respect to others and discovery 

Testimony EVS Thomas Génération Monde

Thomas, 28  

EVS provides an opportunity to actually live abroad, and it’s easy.